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Aims and Scope

Connected Health (CH) aims to present the available evidence from research on digital health, including technologies, clinical usefulness, and applications.

Digital health involves a broad group of activities that use communication and information technologies to store, retrieve, share, and exchange health-related information for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, educational and administrative purposes. Digital health is a promising tool for improving access to care and empowering patients, influencing their attitudes and behaviors, and improving the quality of delivered care and patient's health status. Digital health, particularly telehealth, has shown great effectiveness in managing hypertension, heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, stroke, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, cancer, and mental illness.

The intended research topics of the journal include:
Innovations in technology and diagnostics. Technical studies related to m-Health, e-Health and telehealth applications, wearable sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, robotic care (telesurgery), smart home, virtual reality, etc.
Clinical aspects. Feasibility and usability studies, efficacy studies (including the long-term effect on major health status indices, quality of life, performance status, medication adherence, etc.)
Economic studies. Cost-effectiveness of digital solutions
Policy. Regulatory issues, health policies, ethics, privacy, and legal issues
Personalized and precision medicine. How digital health can provide "whole-person" individualized management of patients, moving disease management to a personalized patient-centered model of care
Telepharmacy. Medication dispensation, pharmacovigilance, and monitoring of medication adherence

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